Thursday, June 02, 2005

Something Attacked Me!

Today I was sitting in my computer [osea aqui] and I was typing some random message to I don't remember who when all of a sudden. SOMETHING JUMPED IN MY EAR !!! I stood up and started swatting the air. I screamed "Mierda! Mierda!" while I hit the air surrounding my ear. I ran to the door of my room.

Something had attacked me!

I stood there for a while.

I walked back slowly to my computer chair. I don't like bugs that much. I am allergic to bees, so my first thought is BEES. Of course it would've stung me, not just get real close.

So here i am looking and looking. Nada de nada.

Me voy a sentar y decido que quizas este debajo del escritorio y si meto mis piernas it's gonna eat me alive !!! .... [ Yes, i know. I'm a girly man.]

I stand up and step back. I get on my knees and slowly bend down to see under the desk.


I could only think that it had been waiting for me. So I grasped at it and after a while I GRABBED it. Yes... It was... Yes, it was none other than my hair...


Due to that small encounter with my own hair I have decided the following. Siempre hay dos flecos que bajan y me tapan los ojos. Mientras mas yo sople para que se vayan ellos vuelven. Asi que de ahora en adelante el fleco de la izquierda se llamará Pedro, pero le voy a decir Papo porque el mas cool. El de la derecha es Pablo, el siempre se mete en mi ojo, pero me cae bien.


Kiki A.Ortiz said...

okei jorge..okei..

/..quienes son vilma y betty?/

Gabriela said...

las orejas... jejeje

... mad encounter with your own hair... y eso?!?!

Vicz said...

OK... here goes my little theatrical representation of the events:

YORCH: Would it be wrong if i named my hair??
VICZ: .....
YORCH: Well?
VICZ: .....

Yes it would be wrong... in fact i would start getting worried when i start thinking about naming them, let alone preferring one over the other.

Seriously... get a haircut... Una Economica donde el Poeta, solo RD$75... (el tigre e barbero deportado de NY) hehehehehe

Con Cariño

iliana... said...

LOL... funny shit.. I've seen them, but I dont really know them, introduce them to me.

P!nk said...

que maldita risa!

Conservation Terms said...

Attacked? By your own hair? Never thought of that. I see that this site is written in an english mix. I am a blogger of course but enjoy sharing my faith online. I like to ask questions in order to get people to think. Here they are.

1. Do you consider your self a good person? Lets see.

2. Have you ever lied? Lying is considered a sin. Even if it was to help not hurt someone elses feelings.

2. Have you ever stolen? Anything, no matter how small, is still considered a sin.

3. Have you ever lusted after someone? Come on now. We all have looked at another woman or man with lust. It is called adultery. And yes, it is a sin.

If you have answered yes to even ONE of these questions, than by your own confession you are a sinner. The bible says that sinners will go to hell. If you were to die right now, are you confident that you would go to heaven? You see, whether we are a christian or not, we all have a part in the lake of fire.(Hell) But God made it so that through His Son, who died on a cross, we might be saved. Think on this carefully. Thanks,

kikz said...

hahahahahahha q maaaaaaaaaaaal....!!muy mal ,se corrio el panita...
por eso es q la gente le sale huyendo a Dios.

hipergrafismo said...

Sinning may be wrong. But it feels so good.

3. Have you ever lusted after someone? Come on now. We all have looked at another woman or man with lust. It is called adultery. And yes, it is a sin

Uhm isn't it adultery if you're, damn whats the word I'm looking for, oh yes...MARRIED? If not it's just good old fashioned lust, sinful but tasty.

About the when hair folicles attack episode, I read about this one woman who went to the doctor complaining of an ear ache, turns out she had an arachnid tennant in her ear, it had spun a web and everything, big sucker too, there was a video, Ill hunt around for the link.

Libélula said...

Pleasure is a sin...but sometimes sin is a pleasure!!!

Conservation Terms said: "Have you ever lied? Lying is considered a sin. Even if it was to help not hurt someone elses feelings".

I'm sorry if I don't agree. Everybody tells a little white lie every once in a while and it doesn't mean we're gonna burn in the eternal flames of hell (for those who believe in all that stuff) Besides, ours is a forgiving God...

Marianita said...

Ooooook no entendi (para variar!) estan comentando de George y sus cabellos, que por que tienen nombre??? locuras de el.....all suddenly someone add some weird comment, quien sabe por que y despues de ahi George quedo en el olvido.....uff que mal!!!


A mí me pasa a cada rato en el brazo o al final de la espalda... uuuf, me doy unos sustos del carajo!

joselo182 said...

im agree with vicz..

useless fact:
there are about 100,000 fibers of hair in an average human head

cloklis said...

olle, ai k estar totao totao to get attacked by their hair.. I mean, for real, get a haircut! I'll give u one if you like. I couldnt stop laughing while i was reading, i was like: wtf!! this dude is wacked in the head.

oooooookeeeiiiii..... te corrite..


::over-whelmed:: said...


Gracielita said...

mierda mano!.... k risa!......
mierda!.... jajajajajajaja toy mala!!!

FrankY said...

ke menzo tu


y pendengo....manganzon