Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Tu ere un maldito..."

Why do people say I am crazy? I have been told year after year that I am "one crazy sonofabitch" or "un maldito loco"! I am serious too. Every single time I meet up with Elegal or Eleri or Manu I will always here "maldito loco" right between their laughters to something I have done to make them laugh. Other than that there are some variations though... like "maldito payaso" "maldito greñú", "maldito..." Apparently what we all have determined is the following, I can be anything but what is sure is that "maldito" i am.

In fact if you look at all the comments you yourselves have put in this blog you will notice most of you tend to say I am one crazy s.o.b.

...this got me to thinking...
...don't be scared...'s ok...

I was looking over some pictures of mine and I have decided to leave it up to you to analyze my state of mind. I have several pictures that need som analysis.

[Exhibit A]
Image hosted by
[Eleri and Manu might kill me for this one]

What exactly is happening here? Nosotros le decimos a ese sitio BORDADOS porque ese muro atras dice "Bordados." Bordados is not exactly an actual bar. It's a parking lot. Then again we always take pictures by it. But what is so amusing here? Why am I so excited? What is wrong with Eleri? Who am I pointing at? Why the face?

[Exhibit B]
Image hosted by
[Moreno & Me @ DaRock]

Ok. This one seems to "take the cake" as Moreno would say! Me acuerdo que caminabamos por la calle y vimos esta piedra. Simplemente la vimos. That's all. A normal rock. In the floor. Doing nothing. Being... being a rock!!! Pero algo dentro de mi dijo "esta piedra es especial" y por eso nos tomamos una foto con ella. Creo que le alegramos el día. Moreno la levanto y yo le deje saber que she had two thumbs up on my account!

[Exhibit C]
Image hosted by
[Rescue Mission]

I was slimpy walking along Rosangela's house. I saw this hole. Not a big hole. Just a hole. I got into it and sat down. Yes. I am sitting DOWN in this picture. No tuve que decir nada. Automaticamente Moreno, Vicz y Andrew entendieron el chiste. Sacarme del hoyo donde aparentemente estaba cayendome y me iba a morir. The picture was doing good. Then this little kid, he's in the corner, tried to show us instructions on how to rescue someone from a bottomless pit. Moreno figured he and his black ancestors had better ways and started to look for leaves to make rope I would guess. I dunno. It's the BlackGuy.

[Exhibit D]
Image hosted by
[A Drink In The Clouds]

This was hilarious. It was all bubbly. Tire un exceso de bubble bath al jacuzzi y despues decidi que una botella de vino seria apero. Agarre mi botella y empeze a beber ahi en el jacuzzi todo solo a las 7:53am el primero de enero. Todas esas burbujas. Lo mejor es que ya para ese tiempo las burbujas que se me habian metido en la boca tenian mi lengua dormida. Yo no sentia nada, todo me sabia a burbujas. Asi que esa botella era mas por beber que nada. Still. It's me.

[Exhibit E]
Image hosted by
[No comments]

I ... I ... I have absolutely nothing to say about this one. I mean. I don't know what was wrong with me. I have no idea why this happened. I don't even know when this happened. Really. No idea. It's up to you.

[Exhibit F]

Image hosted by
[Toad from Mario Brothers]

This one has to be my favorite one. I personally love this one. Eso es una hielera flotante. Con 6 portavasos. Yo llevaba un rato mirandola. Mirando y mirando. Quite los vasos. Bote el hielo. Mire hacia mis alrededores y me lo puse de gorro. Cuando veo que ya alguien iba a decir "maldito loco" yo empeze a cantar la cancionsita de MarioBrothers. "Tarata-tarata-ta!!! Mira soy honguito de Mario! Soy honguito!" y segui bailando a la cancionsita. I personally think this one is the best one.


For now I believe this is all I have to demonstrate. So? What do you think is your decision? What went wrong? What is wrong? Hmmm. I think I am perfectly normal... ;)

Farewell! Til next time!


Kiki A.Ortiz said...


ja!...yo pensaba q yo era loquita..pq canto patico patico color de cafe (8)

FLoWeR pOwEr! said...

mierkina, yo no se, la gente juzga mucho, pork yo encuentro k tu estas totalmente sano...osea, todo el mundo se tira en hoyos y todo el mundo se pone una hielera en la cabeza cantado mario.... i don't see the big deal... puedes venir a visitarme en cualkier momento aki en plaza sesamo, big bird says hi to!

Chego said...

Crazy? Loco? Not totally sane? No man... it is absolutely normal to be marvelled by a rock... in fact when you look at the picture long enough you can actually see it grow. And the pointing thing... that's how Uncle Sam gets americans to fight wars for world domination... therefore may I be a General in George's Army? Fighting Soberness until you wake up in the gutter completely naked next to a Chinese whore... or a log.

FLoWeR pOwEr! said...

quoting (u should write write write more more more) i already did... date un paseito por mi blog, i'd love 2 know what u have to say bout some things...


You're crazy to others because you have actually fun in your life. That's all. You do as you feel and whenever you feel it. And that's pretty right!!!

If there were more people like this, then the world would be a better place.

(Lo único que no me guta e lo de manejal bebido... pero dipué, tá tó bien)

m0l0t0v said...

bebido o borracho? lol

Dr_Zeuss said...

y el loco soy yo..?

joselo182 said...

i am perfectly capacitated of giving my professional opinion about ur mental status yorch.

in my vast experiense of -3 years of being a professional i can be 100% sure that u are perfectly healthy in matters of ur head.

neverthereless for keeping this stage of sanity i personaly recomend u to keep drinking romo

Erika said...

loquita soy me pongo asi por un loco..uff ay si..loquisisima
tu tiene mucha culpa de eso pero its ok..tu compartes mi locura y estas muy de acuerdo con ella

hehehehehe te gusto e e e e e..

(el sellito ta aki!)

PimpPia said...

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Eleri said...

If the owners of Bordados knew... we should be payed. But hey, you're completly sane. Just keep drinking romo and rocks will become more interesting. MALDITO LOCO! :p

Rosanna said...

Ay mi madre...

Marianita said...

Lo más lindo de todo es que you're a teacher, o sea!!! no entiendo, me da miedo el solo pensar que pudieras estar enseñándoles a esos niños, jejejejej =)
Luuuuv Ya friend :p

jenneffer aka chocolatina said...

dude....I don't even know you and I think you are crazy. En un grupo siempre hace falta un loco makes things interesting...

Julio said...

lmao @ that toad hat

Y la perra e una rottweiler.

andrea said...

me gusta tu blog es funny=)

val said...

those pictures are priceless...
and.. i get alot of "maldita's" too. "maldita loca" specially.