Monday, September 07, 2009

Remembered Some Good Times

I was just remembering something that happened some years back. I remember I was at this little bar thing with some friends on the weekend and we were just talking and talking. I am normally someone who talks, but keeps it down, I'm not the OUTGOING type ... I'm the nerd, yes, we all know I'm nerdy. So that's me.


sorry had to do that


So Forest was there and he has big cheeks, he does. He's got like Santa Clause type cheeks.

And, for no reason whatsoever, I grabbed his cheeks and went:
"wow dude, you got big cheeks!"
See... that's him ... YEARS AGO, but that's him ... hahaha
he's got big cheeks

His response was, "Ok, now that's kind of gay"

I immediately decided to raise my fist like the Black Panthers and go:

Needless to say, I caught everyone's attention at the place.
Now, all I have to do to make Forest laugh is raise my fist.
He already knows what I'm gonna say...

PS. I'm not gay.
"Not that there's anything wrong with that"

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