Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Teacher's Enriching Life

As a teacher I am a blessed soul. Helping others, molding lives, and really contributing to the growth of mankind. Enriching myself and enriching others.

Now all that's true and all pretty in pink and stuff

... now ...
you really want to know the perks?

It's 10:08am.
Classes started at 7:45am.
That means that only 2 hours and 23 minutes have passed since the students entered their classrooms.

I already have in my possession 1 Motorola Razr with its leather case thingy, 1 Nintendo DS with Spiderman 2, 4 Tamagotchi [2 purple, 1 green, and 1 orange] , and an iPod for my delight in my free periods and lunch.

I think I shall make this a progressive post ... let's see as the day goes how enriched I shall really be.

It's 11:27am
Lunch is over. I'm hungry. That doesn't make sense.
A student came over to me and squeezed my earlobe. She said they looked squeezeable.
Osea ... me lo apreto, se rio y se fue ...

I just bought these cookies that rock. They have chocolate on top and then more chocolates too. I can't say yet. Dire later.

It's 12:45pm
I slowly nodded off. I am really tired. I am really sleepy. I have no more classes to teach.

It's 1:00pm
I just remembered the Nintendo DS ... How can Spiderman like kill 25 guys with machine guns in less than 5 minutes? I don't know. Wasn't this post supposed to be about enriching myself?

It's 2:06pm
I am still falling asleep. I closed my eyes just now and jumped up because I heard someone start laughing like screams outside ... damn kids ... I need to sleep. I want to go home and just sleep. I'm not even hungry.

It's 5:35pm
I fell asleep and missed my 4:30 class at Progressive. I'm so tired. I fell asleep as soon as I got home. I didn't even eat lunch.

It's 7:33pm
I spent 6 minutes and 5 seconds talking about a bathroom garbage can that cost 2,000 pesos.

It's 8:09pm
A new student walked into the class. She asked how many people were in the class. I told her it was just her, one other guy, and me. She responded "Oh no, my girl friend is coming too." ... There was an extremely long moment of silence as I pushed away intense images from my mind as this was no simple 30 year old mother of two ... oh no ... this was Manu type 30 year old mother of two.
CORRECTION: This lady just spoke bad english. She wanted to say 'My friend, who is another girl."

From 8:15 to 10:00
I introduced the other student to this lady. His name is Arnaldo. I spoke quickly in English and pronounced his name "ANAL-DOUGH." they never noticed.

It's 9:05 pm
I was trying to say "excited" in spanish. Bad mistake. I said "el estaba excitado." See, that didn't work.

It's 10:19pm
I am sitting here watching 'LOST' on ABC and answering PlanetaBlog's question.
First off dude I teach in Senderos 7th to 12th graders. I teach them History and Literature. At 4:30 I teach English Grammar to teens & from 6 to 10pm I teach Executive English to adults. Yes, I teach too much and I'm tired all the time.

Lo de la ponedera de mano es diferente. Eso eran mi grupo de 4to bachillerato que los conozco desde 7mo, they're like my kids really. Ahi hay uno que dice que es hasta mi hijo. Trust me, it's ok, no fue nada sensual, jeje. The barrier exists.

It's 10:34pm.
Enough. Must finish watching 'LOST.' enough for today!



► Dude, how many classes do you teach?
Y ese ponedera de mano de tus estudiantes, is that cool ?

*-. aliCe .-* said...

Hehe dike esa ponedera de mano lol... quite enriching, i see. Me, on the other hand, tengo lazy mode ON. Ya me la tiraron. "Get a job!" =/

♪ SaBri ♪ said...

interesting day... :S

GeorgeReinoso said...

cuando yo sea grande quiero ser como Theacher George

Teacher George said...

duuude whadahell !!! theacher !!! hehehe how dare you ???

ticher i can do man ... that be cool

;) hehehe

FLoWeR pOwEr! said...

wow...when are u gonna give the ipod back??? u know that sucks, k te kiten algo asi, aunk es una falta de respeto tenerlos en una clase...yo puedo usarlos en los talleres de diseño...but who cares about that....jajaja
ur day day made me tired...jeje...u do a lot, but at least ur teaching...its gotta b way more easy than learning...

Marielle said...

"A new student walked into the class. She asked how many people were in the class. I told her it was just her, one other guy, and me. She responded "Oh no, my girl friend is coming too." "
LOL que fuelte!!!

cloklis said...

your ears actually do look squeezable. Im always squeezing them.

they look comfy.

(yo quiero un tamagotchi)

Teacher George said...

I seem to have let the extreme amount of sleep persuade my typing to make it sound as if the lady was a lesbian ... she just worded herself wrong. 'My female friend' would've worked ...

Gave all the stuff back ... except the Nintendo DS. :P

GeorgeReinoso said...

hahahah por eso las mayuscula para q llame la atencion..

FrankY said...

MIELDA YOLCH.....yo pensaba ke mi dia era duro...ata la 6....te corres..

Teacher George said...

bueno when ya love what you do ... como q uno lo coge chillin

Marielle said...

"CORRECTION: This lady just spoke bad english. She wanted to say 'My friend, who is another girl."

ok ok, now i get it....yo lo supuse pero preferi ser mal pensada jejeje

Manu Under Her Skirt said...

Loco lo dejé por mitad, man me jarte de leer.....

joselo182 said...

yo kiero trabaja :( o en su defecto conseguime una vieja con cuarto

mielda yorch ami me hacen falta par de gorras aperas men, vete a ve si tu incauta alguna cul porai