Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Metallica - Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

On October 8th, 2005 I wrote MUSIC GUIDES ME.

I reread it today after today's previous post on 1979.

However, part of me really wanted to write again because I have been listening to Metallica's new album "Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct."

I am a true Metallica fan. I have each album.
I love each album.

I can rank them, of course - but each album has AT LEAST 3 songs I enjoy a lot.
(Yes, even St.Anger - which even Lars dislikes). I love LOAD and RELOAD and DEATH MAGNETIC <-- all="" because="" blackalbum.="" fans="" from="" i="" is="" it="" killemall="" live="" mention="" metallica="" these="" to="" understood="">

But St.Anger HAD to happen because it was a phase. It is like a rough patch in a relationship, it usually shows an end or rebirth.

This was a rebirth of Metallica - they began to grow, they were better, they were stronger, they matured, and became stronger together.

HARDWIRED is an excellent album
It is as if Metallica became a sum of all its parts.

  • "Dream No More" reminds me of "The Thing That Should Not Be" from the Master of Puppets album back in 1987! 
  • "Hardwired" has this intense, fast-paced, rip your face off feel to it that it reminds me of "One" from "...And Justice for all." 
  • "Atlas Rise" is something out of the Black album mixed with LOAD.
  • "Halo On Fire" is a bit like a LOAD/RELOAD song - probably the only one I didn't like much.
Disc 2 - in general - feels like a LOAD/RELOAD album. Strong on lyrics, lacking on the guitar solo / thrash. Effects heavy. 

FOR THE EXCEPTION OF "SPIT OUT THE BONE" <--- ...="" a="" accelerating.="" an="" and="" andjusticeforall="" as="" bang="" bass="" because="" constant="" did="" disc="" div="" double="" drum="" end="" felt="" heart="" i="" killemall.="" last="" my="" of="" offspring="" on="" put="" song="" that="" the="" there="" they="" this="" to="" wanted="" was="" with="">

There are some wonderful fast-paced insane songs and some beautiful melodic songs and some tough-rough-intense songs.

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

I have been listening to this song over and over again.

I am not a Smashing Pumpkins fan. I like the band, some great songs - but, not a fan. Never even owned an album.

However, this ONE song stirs up emotions that are linked to my adolescence.

I don't even think I heard it A LOT, or recorded it on a VHS tape from MTV, or burned it into a CD.

As soon as it starts, a veil of happiness and tranquility drops on me. I feel carefree somehow. I feel better, all of the sudden.

I think I just wanted to share that, it's a great song, but even as I type this while listening to the song I notice I don't even know the lyrics, I don't even know what this song is ABOUT!

How can a piece of music do this without it being something you have memorized and sung thousand times over?

Music has always been such an intricate part of my life; intertwined with experiences and life moments, but I have to admit sometimes I am amazed at how a song moves me.

It is almost out of the blue.

Any song ever do that to you?

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Duckling

So, having kids means stuff you own disappears and stuff you don't own appears in its place.

For example, I may not find my hairbrush, but I will find a Sophia The First pink necklace in its place. Or, I may misplace my wallet, but I will find a couple of Hot Wheels in my night stand drawer.

Your house is a regular minefield - doll legs, army soldiers, Nerf bullets, and random shoes strewn about.

Finding my mobile is quicker if I just bend down, look into my sweet daughter's eyes, and say, "Where is Daddy's phone?"

Needless to say, I am accustomed to things not being in place.

However, this morning, as I groggily walked into the shower, my eyes locked with this.

Look at it.
Staring at you.
In your birthday suit.

That is a freaky stare.

What is he thinking?
Why is he here?
Why isn't he back in his bathroom?
Why that weird, awkward look/smile?

Friday, October 21, 2016


Having three children has changed my life.

I know, repetitive. Too many memes out there.

But it is true, I guess one doesn't notice until you experience it.

The truth is, it has changed my life for the WAY better - there is happiness every day. Sometimes I am so tired and so beat from work that I want to sleep, but I get rushed by 6 open arms and it is like a 5-hour Energy drink.

I love my kids. I truly do.
I have 0 inkling on what my life would be without them.
Honestly, no. I don't want to even think about it.

One of the perks is that I get to relive moments of my childhood!
GI Joes, Army Men, Tazos, Hot Wheels, Puzzles, and COLORING!

The smell of crayons!
Sharpening crayons!
Playing with crayon shavings!

Now, after that introduction - here goes the MEAT of this post.

Crayola Crayons

Please look at the previous picture.
These are ACTUAL colors in my son's box.

Who is in charge of names at CRAYOLA? 

1- MOST of these guys have more creativity than Ben n Jerry's Ice Creams! 

Purple Pizzazz? 
Macaroni and Cheese? 
Purple Mountains' Majesty?

2- SOMEONE is a slight perv.

Tickle me Pink?

3- SOMEONE has zero imagination left and should be fired.

Blue Green?
Yellow Green?

Really? You guys came up with WILD BLUE YONDER and LASER LEMON!?!?!
You settled for Blue Green and Yellow Green?

Now, I know these are more REALISTIC colors than all the others, but the bar has been set high!
You can't just say two colors anymore!

Seaweed Green was taken? 
How about Carnivorous Fern?
Minty Green Delight?

Come on people!
Get with the game!

... one last note ...

Why do you guys still make White?
Who uses white?

Saturday, October 01, 2016


Y de dónde habrá salido el nombre Casimiro?

I bet that was a funny story.

O sea, "él casi miró"?

No vieron la sonografia para estar sorprendidos pero CAAAAAASIIII miraron? "Mi amor, caaasimiro" ... "We shall call him Casimiro."

Es que de dónde uno saca ese nombre?

Y cómo uno traduce eso?

Almostlooked Ruiz

No cuadra

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Naruto & the Final Battle

You would be surprised to read about such a topic as Naruto on this blog.

The truth is that Naruto has been a part of my life for 10 years now. In August of 2006, a group of students from the Ashton School referred to me as Asuma Sensei, repeatedly. Literally, multiple times EACH class, EACH day. Now, as a teacher I had been used to nicknames and such; but to be referred to as a character in a series? That had not happened, so I was curious. 

I must admit I had never read a manga. My only experience with anime was with Saint Seiya, los Caballeros del Zodiaco. This manga/anime, Naruto, would soon change that.

I became immersed in the tragic world of Uzumaki Naruto, I understood his feeling of being an outsider trying to prove himself to the world. I laughed at his immaturity, reveled in his accomplishments, and cried at his misfortunes. It was so well written that a young child could enjoy all the fight scenes and trivial jokes - but an adult could grasp all the life lessons Naruto was going through.

This was not a regular little kids comic book. People died. Constantly. 
It wasn't a bloodfest, like a Walking Dead or Injustice: Gods Among Us.

You learned to love Naruto and his friends. It is so easy to find someone who is a fan of the OTHER characters on Naruto because there were so many and they all contributed to Naruto's life. 

It wasn't a PERFECT anime; plagued wit ha ridiculous amount of fillers. (Filler is an episode that, as its name suggests, is used to fill in gaps to extend its run). The Manga, however, was always on point and excellent. In fact, the manga has been done for a couple of years now. Even MORE in fact, the video game has been done! 

So, I read the ending. Saw the video game ending cut scenes, but now I get to really live them watching these last 3 episodes (476,477,478).

Here are the links to watch the Final Battle 1 & 2.

So, on October 7th, after the final episode (478), I will write my top FIVE Naruto moments.
THAT will be hard, picking just five out of 10 years. But I like the challenge.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta

Ok, so I followed the suggestion from TheNerdLeague to read Kirkman & Azaceta's Outcast.

The writer for TheNerdLeague said the first 3 episodes were great.

I read that post 2 days ago.

I have read all NINETEEN issues!


Simply well written and enticing, I couldn't get enough. Literally, I could not stop reading. Uggghhhh now I have to wait every MONTH for ONE episode?


It is wayyyy better than the Walking Dead. The plot grabs you, the characters feel like you know them already,... I love it.

Kyle Barnes, the protagonist, is perfect as your hero. Why? He is NOT hero material. Simple. He is flawed with tremendous baggage, but he has a power. A light. So, he uses it to fight supernatural powers.

If Walking Dead is the Avengers. Outcast is Doctor Strange.

I love the mix of religion into it. You truly do not know who is who here. Who is good? Who is bad? Anybody can be infected.

You know what I love more?

I am not given answers right away. I still have questions, they give me nibbles, and I feel satisfied, but I have MORE questions now. Even better? The Reverend, Kyle's sidekick (?), and Kyle have EVEN MORE QUESTIONS!

Truly recommend it.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Redhood & the Outlaws

If you are trying to find a quick, easy comic to read I recommend Redhood & the Outlaws.

It is sharp, quick, funny, and sarcastic as heck! Jason Todd  (the Robin that the Joker beat up with a crowbar to death in the 80s) is back as Redhood with Artemis (Yes, the Greek goddess/Amazonian), and Bizarro.

I, personally, was never a Robin fan. But I have learned to enjoy Tim, Jason, Dick, and, yes, even Damian. I have not read Stephanie Brown and Duke is too early to tell.

Jason is the antihero of the Robin's. If you like Deathstroke or Deadpool, Redhood is right down your alley.

Friday, September 23, 2016


No, this isn't religious awakening.
No, not a DC Rebirth post.

More like a Rebirth of me, TeacherYorch.

I promised an old friend I would come back, just differently.

So, here I am now. TeacherYorch.
Do I qualify as retro? Like, 2004 was ONLY 12 years ago.

Do people even read this anymore?

Well, who knows. But let us begin.



I am a geek.
I am a nerd.

Different things.
I am both.

I love to read, write, debate, learn, do math problems, carry out experiments, and teach. I like it all.

The geek side of me survives through YA novels, comic books (mostly DC, I know), manga, anime, sci-fi, and whatnot.

To quench this need to talk about all of it, another old friend and I, Forest, have begun a podcast to just be GEEKS.

It is called Geeks Ramble Via Voice Notes.

Seriously, that is what it is called. Check it out.

So, every once in a while I will post.

What you ask?
I do not know.

But I will.
It will not be the gym from 10 years ago though.
He had to occur for me to happen.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Manu - Deuxième

I miss my Manu.
I admit it. I am going to be selfish here. 
I know others miss Manu, others love him as well.
But, this is my moment.
So, I miss my Manu.

Hace 2 años te fuiste.
Wow viejo.

Qué extraño pensar que ha pasado este tiempo sin ti… Sé que estas en un momento transitorio, sé que no estás ahí siempre. Pero eso no me significa que pare de hablarte- es más para mi propia sanidad, básicamente. Sé que has muerto; pero se me hace más fácil hablarte, tagearte, y mencionarte cómo si estuvieses aquí a todo momento.

Quizas esa es la forma que he sanado esa ruptura en mi corazón – el saber que tu cuerpo no esta pero tu sí estas en otra forma. Eras una parte tan intrínseca de mi vida que entiendo lo que quieres.

En estos últimos años he solamente escrito de pérdidas- Mami, Teacher Odette, de los Santos y tú. Creo que ya entendí lo que quieres de mi, no que tengo que echar hacia adelante y olvidar, es recordar y ser el de antes escribiendo. No soy TeacherYorch ya y no podría serlo de nuevo, pero tú tampoco podrías ser DeerManu, verdad?

Estoy a paz contigo. Pude decirte adiós, look into your eyes, and let you know I loved you one last time; remind you that you were my brother. Smile and laugh, face covered with that stupid mask, and let you see me tell you how much we loved you. And I know all the promises were lost, but, I guess it was time for you to move on. 

Thank you Manu, for being there when I still need you, for listening to me when I speak to you, for accompanying me and letting me know you are there.

Tu ausencia solamente cementa tu presencia en mi corazón.

Much Love Buena Sika...

-Loco, loco... ya aprendí la diferencia entre has y haz.
-No relaje, ya era tiempo! Ya yo iba a llamar a don CapCana para denunciarte.