Friday, October 21, 2016


Having three children has changed my life.

I know, repetitive. Too many memes out there.

But it is true, I guess one doesn't notice until you experience it.

The truth is, it has changed my life for the WAY better - there is happiness every day. Sometimes I am so tired and so beat from work that I want to sleep, but I get rushed by 6 open arms and it is like a 5-hour Energy drink.

I love my kids. I truly do.
I have 0 inkling on what my life would be without them.
Honestly, no. I don't want to even think about it.

One of the perks is that I get to relive moments of my childhood!
GI Joes, Army Men, Tazos, Hot Wheels, Puzzles, and COLORING!

The smell of crayons!
Sharpening crayons!
Playing with crayon shavings!

Now, after that introduction - here goes the MEAT of this post.

Crayola Crayons

Please look at the previous picture.
These are ACTUAL colors in my son's box.

Who is in charge of names at CRAYOLA? 

1- MOST of these guys have more creativity than Ben n Jerry's Ice Creams! 

Purple Pizzazz? 
Macaroni and Cheese? 
Purple Mountains' Majesty?

2- SOMEONE is a slight perv.

Tickle me Pink?

3- SOMEONE has zero imagination left and should be fired.

Blue Green?
Yellow Green?

Really? You guys came up with WILD BLUE YONDER and LASER LEMON!?!?!
You settled for Blue Green and Yellow Green?

Now, I know these are more REALISTIC colors than all the others, but the bar has been set high!
You can't just say two colors anymore!

Seaweed Green was taken? 
How about Carnivorous Fern?
Minty Green Delight?

Come on people!
Get with the game!

... one last note ...

Why do you guys still make White?
Who uses white?

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