Monday, October 24, 2016

The Duckling

So, having kids means stuff you own disappears and stuff you don't own appears in its place.

For example, I may not find my hairbrush, but I will find a Sophia The First pink necklace in its place. Or, I may misplace my wallet, but I will find a couple of Hot Wheels in my night stand drawer.

Your house is a regular minefield - doll legs, army soldiers, Nerf bullets, and random shoes strewn about.

Finding my mobile is quicker if I just bend down, look into my sweet daughter's eyes, and say, "Where is Daddy's phone?"

Needless to say, I am accustomed to things not being in place.

However, this morning, as I groggily walked into the shower, my eyes locked with this.

Look at it.
Staring at you.
In your birthday suit.

That is a freaky stare.

What is he thinking?
Why is he here?
Why isn't he back in his bathroom?
Why that weird, awkward look/smile?

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