Thursday, September 29, 2016

Naruto & the Final Battle

You would be surprised to read about such a topic as Naruto on this blog.

The truth is that Naruto has been a part of my life for 10 years now. In August of 2006, a group of students from the Ashton School referred to me as Asuma Sensei, repeatedly. Literally, multiple times EACH class, EACH day. Now, as a teacher I had been used to nicknames and such; but to be referred to as a character in a series? That had not happened, so I was curious. 

I must admit I had never read a manga. My only experience with anime was with Saint Seiya, los Caballeros del Zodiaco. This manga/anime, Naruto, would soon change that.

I became immersed in the tragic world of Uzumaki Naruto, I understood his feeling of being an outsider trying to prove himself to the world. I laughed at his immaturity, reveled in his accomplishments, and cried at his misfortunes. It was so well written that a young child could enjoy all the fight scenes and trivial jokes - but an adult could grasp all the life lessons Naruto was going through.

This was not a regular little kids comic book. People died. Constantly. 
It wasn't a bloodfest, like a Walking Dead or Injustice: Gods Among Us.

You learned to love Naruto and his friends. It is so easy to find someone who is a fan of the OTHER characters on Naruto because there were so many and they all contributed to Naruto's life. 

It wasn't a PERFECT anime; plagued wit ha ridiculous amount of fillers. (Filler is an episode that, as its name suggests, is used to fill in gaps to extend its run). The Manga, however, was always on point and excellent. In fact, the manga has been done for a couple of years now. Even MORE in fact, the video game has been done! 

So, I read the ending. Saw the video game ending cut scenes, but now I get to really live them watching these last 3 episodes (476,477,478).

Here are the links to watch the Final Battle 1 & 2.

So, on October 7th, after the final episode (478), I will write my top FIVE Naruto moments.
THAT will be hard, picking just five out of 10 years. But I like the challenge.

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