Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta

Ok, so I followed the suggestion from TheNerdLeague to read Kirkman & Azaceta's Outcast.

The writer for TheNerdLeague said the first 3 episodes were great.

I read that post 2 days ago.

I have read all NINETEEN issues!


Simply well written and enticing, I couldn't get enough. Literally, I could not stop reading. Uggghhhh now I have to wait every MONTH for ONE episode?


It is wayyyy better than the Walking Dead. The plot grabs you, the characters feel like you know them already,... I love it.

Kyle Barnes, the protagonist, is perfect as your hero. Why? He is NOT hero material. Simple. He is flawed with tremendous baggage, but he has a power. A light. So, he uses it to fight supernatural powers.

If Walking Dead is the Avengers. Outcast is Doctor Strange.

I love the mix of religion into it. You truly do not know who is who here. Who is good? Who is bad? Anybody can be infected.

You know what I love more?

I am not given answers right away. I still have questions, they give me nibbles, and I feel satisfied, but I have MORE questions now. Even better? The Reverend, Kyle's sidekick (?), and Kyle have EVEN MORE QUESTIONS!

Truly recommend it.


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