Sunday, December 24, 2006

Que Es Lo Que

So ... it's Christmas.

I know, again, I haven't written... lots of things going on.

Lety came back a week earlier as a surprise!
PUCMM finals, Senderos finals, and then Ashton thingies.
I am reading the book for my Master's which begins next week.
Moreno and James are back, James for the holidays, Moreno for a long time.

Things are cool. Things are simple.

Tengo gripe, ni sé de donde salio la vaina esta.

No haré un mega end of the year post como el año pasado, ese post me duro dos días hacer.
I got other things to do and I just kind of want to spend my time with Lety as much as possible.

No les tengo ni fotos y todos los cuentos los tengo en mi cabeza almacenados, pero mas de ahi nada.

Emmm that's pretty much it, espero volver a escribir algun día.

Just saying hi!


Rossy Victoria said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas mister Santa....and i wonder...."shall we dance"...? :P

cloklis said...

last year i was number 24 on the list, and number 2 in order of names.

not that it matters, but it's just a hint.