Monday, August 18, 2008

The Secret to Going to the Gym

I have learned, in these past 2 months of going to the gym, what the secret to basically ALL the exercises.

Every day, basically, Eleri or Elegal will tell me I'm missing that specific part of the exercise.

It's not a lot of repetitions and low weights.
It's not a lot of weights and little repetitions.
It's not cardiovascular exercises.
It's not even doing spinning, kickboxing, or elliptical.

... No ...

The Secret is:

You have to stick your butt out!
That's basically it!

Every exercise requires you to STICK YOUR GLUTEUS OUTWARD!

I'm serious!!!

Es como me dijo Elegal un día: "Ponte como si te lo fueran a ...." [you know the rest]

For example,
This is WRONG!
See how his ass is not out???
That is wrong...

His buttocks must be touching the ceiling for it to work

This is CORRECT!

Get my drift?

So, now you know what to do when you go to the gym ... just stick your ass out and you'll be just fine.

Dedicated to Elegy and Eleri.


cloklis said...

omg omg omg me meo!


me imagino a eleri sticking his butt out while elegy is from behind showing him how to exercise his tricep!

omg omg jajajajajaj

Erick said...

hey hey hey!! ese tipo de consejos no se pueden divulgar men! jajajajaja!!

the whole idea d sacar el "fui" es para mantener la espalda recta.

pero tambien, it sure is funny watching yorch trying to accomplish it! lol

Lynn Marie said...

mi novio sabe de eso.. sacar narga y too!

joselo182 said...

they are actually correct with it...

but still, hahahahahha

Erick said...

tu ere un chuipi

alfonso said...

eto ta fuerte

Jonmicol said...

Ur blog is too funny gonna be coming through more often!!

*-. aliCe .-* said...

hmm... yo habia oido eso tambien, and somehow its not funny till george points it out hehe