Sunday, April 04, 2010

adrift in peace

And I floated. Adrift in my own thoughts. Conscious that I was not alone, but aware of my solitude.
The ocean current took me, wrapped me in its warmth.
I closed my eyes and felt the peace. I felt the quiet. I felt the nothingness and I loved it.
The sun hid behind a cloud and I felt the cold breeze brush against my skin. My arms spread open, my legs together.
With my eyes closed I felt the sun emerge, the heat touch my every pore. The sun shone fully and I opened my eyes.

I stared at the sky as I floated in the ocean. Silence. Peace.

I thanked God for the beauty in the world. I spoke words of love and admiration, God listened silently.

I closed my eyes and I drifted. In quiet. In silence. In solitude. In peace.

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alfonso said...

lodco, cuidao y te ahoga