Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dream Come True

It was at some moment in 1991 that I walked into my two older cousins' bedroom.
Each of them had their side of the room as is normal with brothers, each side completely different in how they'd "decorated" their walls.

The left walls were draped in several colors and posters with weird shapes. Tito was an awesome drawer, he later became a publicist, and he had drawn what seemed to be a transparent pyramid with a rainbow going through it in a black background... weird; it was right next to what looked like a wall screaming... weirder. One of his CDs had a little light that kept on pulsing.

On the right wall Lean had only two posters, both black, one with just 4 faces & the other had the same four guys with long hair and mean faces just standing there being cool. I was intrigued... I took a CD out which was obviously missing it's booklet because it was stuck on the wall.

Metallica - Metallica ?
Who the hell names their album just as their band?

I popped in that CD and hit random, I had no preference, I've never liked to hear things in order. It went to song #4 . . . The Unforgiven.

That was it. I was hooked.

Third Grade
Eight years old
...Metallica fan for life...

18 years later
I will see them live

I am going to see METALLICA ! ! !


cloklis said...


FrankY said...

fok man, ur my idol now..jajaja
Hey i'll get my chance.


-.- said...

balbarooooo que apero!!!!!!! ojala seas la nina que suben al stage a cantarle una cancion bonita jajajaja estilo alejandro fernandez!!!!

GirlFromSantiago said...

Hey, tenga cuenta con esa ciudad... Murder City!!