Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things I Notice - Part 2

1- Ereli and I know how to balace our food intake ... a healthy balance between all them fries and some Coke Zero ...
u know u've done it too
we miss u clo

2- We went to Punta Cana and met Mr. Klaus.
Mr. Klaus has become a member of our group.
he's cool

3-I began toy shopping ... finding some overpriced vintage shit ...
yeah so those are like toys from Flinstones the movie and The Hunchback of Notre Dame

4- some people can't spell

5- If you're a woman and you go to the gym ... you need to have a huge wall of hair.. like so

6- I learned to share amongst my friends whenever necessary.

7- Some toys are just messed up! In this toy the bad guy already KILLED one of the good guys!
8- I reaffirmed that Helados BON are still the best...
mmm barquito!

9- I saw a grey PRADO with a yellow roof ...

and he worked for public transportation

10- i kicked ass in Monopoly


cloklis said...

Awwww I miss u guys too!!!

*-. aliCe .-* said...

7- lol! 8- so true :)