Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 - A New Me <--- how corny

Bueno ya que he empezado mi jornada de pérdida de peso he decidido que debería como que compartir mi proceso. El que me conoce sabe que soy gordito, siempre lo he sido desde el 1998. Aunque por un tiempo (2003-2006) fui GORDO - damn you DP Dough*!

So, este año entré en un programa, BodySolutions, en el gimnasio de CapCana, PowerFit.

Son 9 semanas intensas - lease ... dieta, cardio, pesas intensas. 3 veces a la semana.

So, here is the chart of how it's been this year. I officially started FEBRUARY 1st.

In other words, anything before it was just normal life happening.

If you see between weight #2 and #3 ... guess what that is? CHRISTMAS! Yup... XMas always does that ....

Then, weight #6 to #7 is the spread of the long weekend in January, which was also my birthday! So it kind of makes sense I didn't care what I was eating.

But if you can see I began right after weight #7 and it's been a constant decrease!

Well, that was it. Afterwards I'll come up and post more things.

Comments & Questions would be cool too !

*Si no fueron a Ithaca, no sabrán, pero here is their MENU.

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