Monday, March 15, 2010

Things To Do When I Become A Parent

As a teacher there are things I see and hear ... it's a fun job, every day is different. It doesn't even matter if I have to teach the SAME lesson back to back, if it's different students, it's a different experience. Now, there is something I always look at and it's how those kids are OUTSIDE my classroom.

It is in these observations that I've noticed things that have made me think: "I need to keep that in mind for when I have kids."

Example 1

The Lost N Found in a school will show you just how forgettable the kids can be. I've seen underwear, pants, shirts, socks, lunchboxes, books, notebooks, towels, empty book bags, FULL book bags, and, my personal favorite, 1 shoe.

It's never really two shoes, not the complete pair. No. It's always ONE shoe.

When did this kid not notice he was limping? Didn't the different textures as he stepped give him a hint? How do you forget to put on ONE shoe?

Lesson Learned #1: Check my kids as soon as they walk in through the door. Double-check if they still have both shoes on.

Example 2
Kid walks into the cafeteria to heat up his/her lunch. The nice lady heats it up and sets it aside for him/her to pick it up. Kid never shows up to pick it up.

Now I know I was chubby in middle school, but even in high school when I was leaner... We NEVER forgot to eat! Heck, we'd play basketball and in between time outs, take a bite from a sandwich, run back out still chewing! I knew a guy who played soccer HOLDING HIS SANDWICH... and he was good!


Lesson Learned #2:
My kid gets in the car and I ask, "How was lunch? Forget school, you tell your mother later, how was lunch? Where is the lunch box? Is the tupperware still there? Ok, good boy, that's my son! ... where is your other shoe?"


alfonso said...

alfonsito olvido su mochila......tengo un presupuesto para goma de borrar.......que te puedo decir man!

cloklis said...

jajajaja yo siempre dejaba botada las mascotas y cuando nos teniamos que cambiar for p.e dejaba el uniforme regular botao!

XblXntX said...

OMG you are hilariuos!! never tought of this till i read this !!