Tuesday, May 05, 2015

ValeVale & Verita

I am not the smiling type. I tend to roam in deep-thought and I’ve mastered the art of the straight, emotionless face. It might be a bit from being an only child – getting lost in yourself and thinking so deeply that you forget there are others.

I highly doubt my expressions will change much; 
however, a part of me has been forever transformed: 
my heart.

July 18th, March 7th, and May 5th -
three days that have changed me for the better.
When one became two,
two became three,
and three became five.

Today, May 5th is the first birthday of my girls, Verita & ValeVale.

There are countless articles and accounts of how a parent feels – the smile when they see you, their ticklish laughter, their heads nodding off while you caress them. Truth is, once you are a parent - you care, feel, sense, listen, and understand it all better. I could list all the ways I love my children, I could. I could be poetic and express a thousand vignette wraparounds ending with a twist, I could.

I choose a minimalistic approach.

I can honestly say my heart has had to grow and partition, my senses have been heightened, and I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my girls.

Everything I am, everything I will be – is for my children.

Love you girls 
– Papi.

PS. Thank you Lety. 
You are, as usual, responsible for my happiness.

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