Friday, June 03, 2005

I am only saying this once...

This post is going to be simple. Here goes. I saw BIG FISH the other day [hace como pal de meses] and in one of the parts the main character is having a discussion with his son about how some animals [it's a cool movie] talk about anything, except religion. Then,

Will Bloom: Why not religion, dad?

Senior Ed Bloom: It's rude to talk about religion. You never know who you're gonna offend.

For these purposes I have always tried to steer away from any sort of discussion regarding religion unless I know the people there have a strong faith in what THEY believe in and they are also open-minded. This is because talking to someone who is a religious freak or someone who clearly hates religion is like talking to a retard about the theory of relativity. You won't get anywhere and you're just going to get irritated.

I will not take this blog to tell you my religious beliefs and even less will I ask you to change your minds or think how I think. I will only answer those questions presented to me in the last blog's comments and I say this now. Never again promote anything thru this blog. I don't care what it is or who you are. I will delete the comment. This page is for fun, fun for me, relief for me, and I do not wish to have to deal with any sort of problems here. As easy as I started it, as easy as I can end it.

I will now answer those four (4) questions. This is my site and my thoughts. Beware. If you are offended, then I am sorry, but do not try and change anyone's mind or fight with me. Ok?

1. Do you consider your self a good person? Let's see.
2. Have you ever lied? Lying is considered a sin. Even if it was to help not hurt someone elses feelings.
3. Have you ever stolen? Anything, no matter how small, is still considered a sin.
4. Have you ever lusted after someone? Come on now. We all have looked at another woman or man with lust. It is called adultery. And yes, it is a sin.
1- I know I am not a bad person. How's that? I have done my fair share of horrible things in my life. Hurt many many people. Yet i think I help many many more as well. There are worse people than me in this world and no doubt they're going to make it to Heaven as well.

2- I am an excellent liar. Lying is one of my virtues. I don't consider it a sin. Don't talk about the Bible, it's overrated and outdated.

3- Hahaha. I was almost arrested for stealing [shoplifting] once in New York. I got on my knees and prayed right there in the store. Promised never to shoplift again. I got let go. Nothing but a warning. Have not shoplifted again. I do not think it is a sin. Depends on the magnitude in which you steal.

4- I lust DAILY for someone. Normally someone new. Maybe even more someone old. Lust is amazing. I love lust. Lust is the best virtue humankind can have. It is in our genes. It's not a sin in my point of view.

Now that I answered all those I want to say one thing. The problem that I believe exists is that almost everyone likes to deal in absolutes. I teach my kids all the time that EXCESS and SCARCITY are bad. Too much of something is bad. Finding the middle ground is important. Finding that balance.

I am close to God. Probably, I believe, closer than most of the people who go to Church on Sundays without fail. I love God and I am damn sure he loves me.

That is all I have to say about that. So please. Do not take my site to spread your WHATEVER, honestly. Get your own site, if you have it, then politely refer your site at some point. No es un boche. I don't like to give a scolding usually. I just do not like being used as some sort of over-zealous vessel.


Anonymous said...

You tell em son...

Carmen Almonte said...
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Carmen Almonte said...

Excelente tu entrada, voy contigo en q hay personas q viven el dia entero en la iglesia pero es solo una pantalla, mientras hay personas q tienen una relacion excelente con Dios y nadie tiene porque saberlo.

¨Decir q se es humilde ya es el primer acto de petulancia¨, para los q no saben q es petulancia es vanidad, presuncion.

Por eso creo q nuestra relacion con Dios es algo muy importante, pero sobre todo muy personal y discreto.

La entrada de arriba era mia, pero la borre por uno q otro error. Sorry!!

joselo182 said...

a good friend of mine once told me "its not important to pray but just to talk to Him"... wait a minute, yorch told me that!


Kiki A.Ortiz said...

yo amo a Dios, y trato de vivir mi Fe, aunque estoy muy desubikadita..pero trato de vivir para El, algo q desde q comencé en su camino que sale solo es el no juzgar pq El manda a no hacerlo...y siempre como amiga q soy de El (pq como tú dices es mejor hablar que rezarle) siento que el se pone triste cuando lo pintan como un viejo killaito con un dedo señ testigo (yo,no digo q hay q hacerlo ni eso..)de q lo q nos aconseja el o nos pide q NO hagamos son las cosas que cuando las hago me hacen sentir triste y vacia despué,no lo cojo como obligaciones,sino como cositas que me ayudan a ser feliz..que bueno q sepas cuanto El te ama..y ojala tengas ese amor presente cada día más..
un beso.

Dr_Zeuss said...

Hallelujah my friend!
May the force be with you!

MASTER said...

locoooo yo el comentario que wa poner no tiene na que ver con el post.. pero Big Fish e lo maximo.. a mi me encanto esa pelicula... o sea es una historia contada de una manera muuuuuy apera y eso es lo interesante.. y en ese dialogo que pones es uno de los TANTISIMOS mensajes que deja esa pelicula asi sutilmente.


Amen, brotha!

(and I mean it, George)

Libélula said...

I read your Blog all the time. When I saw that guy's comment I swear to God (Oh no!!! I just sinned right there) I was dying to see if you had anything to say...I loved what you posted and I agree 100% that too little or too much of something is never good...we need to find the middle ground!!!

iliana... said...

Big Fish, is a good movie.
I believe in balance too, that's my word for living.
And cool its yout site, but you should let people say what they wanna say, its this thing called free spech, pero na, to el mundo con lo suyo.
That's all I wanted to say.

Gabriela said...

Es que eso es... si algo aqui indicara que se podia desviar tanto el tema no es nada... o sea, y el?!?! primero entrele par de veces preguntando. Ese tema es taan delicado, es taaan personal, no se, me parecio hasta un atrevimiento.

La guaif

Tyler said...

Excellent response. The same thing happened to me by the same guy -- which is how I found this place -- and got pretty much the same response, albeit with a long winded and non-sequitor response from my end. Unfortunately, I don't think he's going to stop. He seems to consider himself something of an online missionary.
We can't stop it but at least we can handle it like a champ. Nice job.