Friday, March 25, 2005

One more for the road...

it's funny today. my mind wonders with a zillion mixed emotions. you think i'm kidding, but i'm not. it's merely 8:44am and I came straight to the blog, at first thinking I owed it to all of you who might stay here to write something so that you don't go the whole weekend without something to read, at least from me. [Master's Post on Blog Addiction]

hoy es el cumpleaños de mi papá, hoy es el día que me iré de Semana Santa, hoy es el día que me iré con uun grupo que incluye alguien fuera de lo común al grupo, hoy varios amigos se quedan o dispersan por partes de la isla a la cuál YO no voy, ... y el que más fuerte me da: hoy llevo un año soltero.

Quizas hay personas que se asombren y digan "diablo... pero se sabe el día exacto?" ... bueno, it's my dad's birthday, what do you expect for me to forget today? It was like doomsday, just that I've grown to accept it.

En un previous post yo habia dicho que ultimamente mi mente se iba por ideas lejanas del pasado. Nadie en específico, I still hold that, it's true, no one in specific.

The thing is, I miss that part of my life somehow. Don't get me wrong, THIS i love as well. I have not been this free and crazy and fun and wild and simple and pure in years. But the things is I , with someone, am just a different crazy, fun, wild, simple, and pure. Get me? I dunno, es como dice un pana mio "I think it's time, I miss it" ... i guess... maybe... I admit though, I do miss her, tremendous amounts, but I know it is not in that "loving" way. I wish we could have remained as we were, but, that is just a useless dream.

Today, other than that, is my father's birthday. The one person I can say I look up to be like and have pretty much copied myself from for years. I don't know anyone that is so perfect with his many imperfections as my dad. For that is truly when someone is perfect, when after all the imperfections, the love is not just only there, but it is STRONGER. I love my father more than anything, I hope he knows that. In any case, call him up, send him an e-mail, call my cellphone and then call him up. He'd so appreciate it.

Bueno, I should wake up Joel, Joselo, Crema, and Jennifer up. Joel is going to bitch at me, Crema is going to be up, Jennifer is going to be a mess waking up, and Joselo is going to say "HOLY CRAP YORCH WHY SO FUCKING EARLY!"* ManuelJe, papá tu me haras falta en este viajesito... Veré si con los tragos en la cabeza te llamo durante el concierto o algo. Y mil gracias al Erick y Al Edgar que me mandaron sugerencias desde el Guavaberreo Fuelte:

HAVE FUN!!!.. y vuelvan sanos y a salvo de por alla...
usen condoms y no te haga trencita en lo mono pa ke no se dane tu melena**
So, I'm off to wake them up and go to Bayahibe. Espero que TODOS la pasen bien... y como le dije a mis estudiantes el jueves mientras se iban todos felices para sus vacaciones de Semana Santa:

Na, ya saben... oren, recen, emmm, contemplen el mundo y cosas emmm asi... emmm y no beban mucho***

Chenkui!!! ;)

*you know that's what he's going to say, and yes, he's going to scream it
**yes, everyone is always taking care of me and my hair
*** la respuesta a eso fue, "usted lo mismo, no beba tanto"

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