Sunday, March 20, 2005

Silent Drive

It’s funny how there are those silent moments between two people that tend to mean so much. I know I’ve already spoken about this, but let me shed some new light on this topic. I am now aware that my previous blog post mentioning this topic was not complete because although a silence between two lovers is beautiful, I think a silence between two friends is “harmony.”

I noticed today, as I slowly drove home from a beautiful day at the beach, that silence is bliss. Silence between two friends is amazingly more peaceful, more tranquil, more acceptable, and important.

As I saw the Sun setting down on the ocean, the sky slowly turning from blue to orange, the silence was only broken at one moment when that one song that signifies our friendship came on, only acknowledged with a simple nod to each other and the silence remained. And as the lyrics “Well we’ll float on, good news is on the way” the bus in front of us told us that “Dios Ante Todo” and I realized that there are few things as great as that moment.

True, my mind was not only focused on that moment, nor was it blank, but I was fully aware of how things were at that moment and I was incredibly happy.

To think I’ve only really known that person for a few months fully, but the brotherly love between us is irreplaceable.


MASTER said...

Bueno men!! 100% de acuerdo contigo.

"Cuentan que cuando un silencio aparecía entre dos era que pasaba un ángel que les robaba la voz"
Angel para un Final
Silvio Rodriguez

joselo182 said...

those silent moments are truly peacefull.

ke mas meditativo puede ser manejar en una carretera con vista al mar en un atardecer ollendo musica bien con los vidrios abajo y con un muy buen amigo serca

its priceless but nevertherless a very valuable time

Gabriela said...

Gasolina = 1,000rd$
Big Can = 700rd$
Chips and Snacks = 150rd$
Comfy Silence between two friends = priceless...